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"Bereikbaar Brussel"

Onder leiding van Pierre Laconte, met de steun van mevrouw B. Grouwels, Brussels minister van Openbare Werken en Vervoer, éditions ALITER, 04/2014. Prospectus NL To order the book, transfer 24 euros to FFUE account, as follow. An invoice will be enclosed. Foundation for the Urban Environment BELFIUS Bank - IBAN : BE92 0910 1229 9023


The Environment of Human Settlements Human Well-Being in Cities

Proceedings of the Conference Held in Brussels, Belgium, April 1976 - edited by P. Laconte, G. Epstein and J. Gibson - Elsevier ed., 1976, vol. 1 322 p - 2 volumes


Water Resources and Land-Use Planning: A Systems Approach

edited by P. Laconte and Y. Y. Haimes - Kluwer Academic Publishers ed., Collection NATO Science Series D, 1982 (1st ed.), 470 p.


Human and Energy Factors in Urban Planning: A Systems Approach

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on "Factors Influencing Urban Design" Louvain-la-neuve, Belgium, July 2-13, 1979 - edited by P. Laconte, J. Gibson and A. Rapoport - Springer ed., Collection NATO Science Series D, 1982 (1st ed.), 350 p.


"Déclaration de Bruxelles" (1978)

Éditions des Archives d'Architecture Moderne, Bruxelles, 1978. Ouvrage réalisé à la suite du Colloque international "La reconstruction de la Ville européenne" de novembre 1978.


"Climate Change Energy Shortage Biodiversity Loss. Overview of Global, European and Local Policies and Practices"

Published by The Club of Rome European Support Center and EU Chapter, Protext Verlag, Bonn 2011.

Home Archive for category "Book" (Page 2)
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