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Perfect Smart Cities
vs. Real Emotional Cities

2 > 4 April 19 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Real Corp
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The term "Smart Cities" has been excessively used and bears the hope that cities will become
more efficient but also more livable.

Can urban planners support keeping and creating places, spaces and cities – "Real Emotional Cities"?

REAL CORP 2019 wants to explore the relations between standardisation trough technical innovation on the one hand and the quest
for uniqueness on the other hand.

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2/4: opening session keynote speaker Pierre LACONTE
"Smart and Emotional Cities: Key to urban Sustainability" - abstract

A. Bisello, D. Vettorato, P. Laconte, S. Costa (Eds.): "Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions", Springer 2018


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