Foundation for the
Urban Environment

Forum Building Science 2019

Donau-Universität Krems (Austria)
8 / 5 - 9:30-18:00

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As president of the Foundation for the Urban Environment may I draw your attention on this year’s FORUM BUILDING SCIENCE to be held at the Donau-University in Krems, near Vienna.

* Programme Forum Building Science 2019

I will focus on the urban context of climate change.

The urban context emphasises not only urban use of communication technology (smart city) but also the challenge of keeping the urban quality of life, quality of air, quality of public space, citizen health and resources savings through non-motorised mobility (human city).


In addition, heritage conservation and design diversity are a strong feature of Donau-University.
It has among others digitalised the entire Europa Nostra European heritage awards archives.

Best wishes for the 2019 Donau-University FORUM BUILDING SCIENCE!

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