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Home Transport "Tunnels, oorzaak van files" - 11/02/2016

"Tunnels, oorzaak van files" - 11/02/2016

1/ "Tunnels, oorzaak van files", BDW 1509, 11 februari 2016, blz. 8. [Read online]

2/ Pétition lancée par des lecteurs de l'article / Petitie door BDW-lezers [Read online]

3/ "Trois questions sur le péage routier urbain à Pierre Laconte", L'entreprise & l'homme, dossier "Les défis de la mobilité", 1er trimestre 2014, p. 6.

4/ "Six Freeway Removals That Changed Their Cities Forever", Alissa Walker, Blog Gizmodo, 25/05/2016. [Read online]

5/ "Braess' paradox" - article about "a proposed explanation for a seeming improvement to a road network being able to impede traffic through it" - [Read online] - [Read also SACTRA report]

6/ Antoine Struelens, "The Production of Urban Highways in the 21st Century. Four European Examples in a Global Context. Best Practices viewed by different actors in Antwerp, Madrid, Genoa and Rome", Master thesis 4Cities Master in Urban Studies, VUB 2013. [Read the PDF]

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