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EN - IEHC - Albums 2017 > 2018

IEHC - Barcelona meeting 26-28/10/2018.

0. B22 Industrial renewal area: design museum (arch. Bohisgas) and Abgar office tower (arch. Jean Nouvel)
00. B22 renewed flee market
1.-4. Eusebi Casanelles, organiser of the meeting in Taller de arquitectura Bofill, former silos
5.-6. Walden 7 (Bofill) on former steel plant
7. View of Ensanche block with small industry
8. Associació d’Enginyers Industrials, Via Laietana, host of the meeting
9.-14. Former factory F-abra and Coats of Barcelona
15. Centre Cultural (former flour mills)
16.-17. Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)
18.-20. Codorniu Cava (arch. Puig i Cadafalch)

View the photos of Barcelona - PDF (25,5 MO) [For quick access, right click then "Save as..." to download the file]

Europa Nostra’s Industrial and Engineering Heritage Committee (IEHC) held its 19th meeting in Krems an der Donau. 22-25/03/2018.
Photo Album

  1. Mautner Bridge, near Krems an der Donau. Photo: Hildebrand de Boer.
  2. Zwentendorf, Nuclear Power Plant. Photo: Pierre Laconte.
  3. Zwentendorf, Control Room Nuclear Power Plant. Photo: Hildebrand de Boer.
  4. Danube Cable Ferry in the UNESCO World Heritage Wachau Valley. Foto: Hildebrand de Boer.

View the photos of Krems – PDF (3 MO) [For quick access, right click then “Save as…” to download the file]

IEHC-Europa Nostra. 12-15/10/2017.

Poland – Katowice

  1. Giszowiec workers’ settlement (project Uhemann 1907): photo of courtyard
  2. “Spodek Arena”, Sports Hall (architects Jerzy Hryniewiecki assoc. 1971): photo
  3. Silesia Museum, first phase (architects Riegler Riewe 2015): photos
  4. Silesia Museum, building for future restoration: photo
  5. Philharmonic Theatre (architect Tomasz Konior 2015): photo of Foyer
  6. Rynek (pedestrianisation of a former urban motorway): photo

View the photos of Poland – PDF (69 MO) [For quick access, right click then “Save as…” to download the file]

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