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EN - IEHC - Albums 2017 > 2019

IEHC - Europa Nostra - Wroclaw meeting and conference, 10/2019.

Photo album 

European Shipbuilding Heritage Seminar Oktober 4-5, 2019

  1. Program flyer
  2. Participants
  3. Keynote présentation (Miles Oglethorpe)
  4. Waterworks and Hydropolis water museum
  5.  Central Market
  6. Museum (Poelzig 1912)
  7. Centennial Hall (Berg 1913)

IEHC - Europa Nostra - Gdansk meeting 15/03/2019.

Photo album Pierre LACONTE

  1. Cover page of the book “The Gdansk Shipyard” the birthplace of "Solidarity" and the symbol of the fall of Communism in East-Central Europe, World Heritage Nomination, Poland.
  2. Air view of Gdansk, old town.
  3. Solidarnosc Museum, inside.
  4. View from Solidarnosc Museum to the former shipyards.
  5. Meeting of Europa Nostra Industrial and Engineering Heritage Committee (IEHC) with Lech Walesa. Seating: Lech Walesa, former Polish President, Pierre Laconte, Chairman IEHC.
  6. View of old town main place.

View the photos of Gdansk - PDF (13 MO) [For quick access, right click then "Save as..." to download the file]

IEHC - Barcelona meeting 26-28/10/2018.

0. B22 Industrial renewal area: design museum (arch. Bohisgas) and Abgar office tower (arch. Jean Nouvel)
00. B22 renewed flee market
1.-4. Eusebi Casanelles, organiser of the meeting in Taller de arquitectura Bofill, former silos
5.-6. Walden 7 (Bofill) on former steel plant
7. View of Ensanche block with small industry
8. Associació d’Enginyers Industrials, Via Laietana, host of the meeting
9.-14. Former factory F-abra and Coats of Barcelona
15. Centre Cultural (former flour mills)
16.-17. Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)
18.-20. Codorniu Cava (arch. Puig i Cadafalch)

View the photos of Barcelona - PDF (25,5 MO) [For quick access, right click then "Save as..." to download the file]

Europa Nostra’s Industrial and Engineering Heritage Committee (IEHC) held its 19th meeting in Krems an der Donau. 22-25/03/2018. Photo Album

  1. Mautner Bridge, near Krems an der Donau. Photo: Hildebrand de Boer.
  2. Zwentendorf, Nuclear Power Plant. Photo: Pierre Laconte.
  3. Zwentendorf, Control Room Nuclear Power Plant. Photo: Hildebrand de Boer.
  4. Danube Cable Ferry in the UNESCO World Heritage Wachau Valley. Foto: Hildebrand de Boer.

View the photos of Krems – PDF (3 MO) [For quick access, right click then “Save as…” to download the file]

IEHC-Europa Nostra. 12-15/10/2017. Poland – Katowice

  1. Giszowiec workers’ settlement (project Uhemann 1907): photo of courtyard
  2. “Spodek Arena”, Sports Hall (architects Jerzy Hryniewiecki assoc. 1971): photo
  3. Silesia Museum, first phase (architects Riegler Riewe 2015): photos
  4. Silesia Museum, building for future restoration: photo
  5. Philharmonic Theatre (architect Tomasz Konior 2015): photo of Foyer
  6. Rynek (pedestrianisation of a former urban motorway): photo

View the photos of Poland – PDF (69 MO) [For quick access, right click then “Save as…” to download the file]

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