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President's Foreword

Welcome to the Foundation for the Urban Environement Pierre Laconte (FFUE).

Its objective is to promote the urban environment through conferences and debates, publications and newsletters, occasional briefings and “think tank” activities (as opposed to commercial consultancy).

The Foundation focuses on the synergy between:

1. Land use and planning, including cultural heritage conservation
2. Transport and mobility
3. Environment, at global and local level (climate/energy/resources/well being).

The opening web page has the following structure.

1/ The five categories of documents are Urbanism, Transport, Environment, Heritage and Links.

2/ The Links provide access to Archives 2000 > 2013 and to Organisations of related interest.

3/ Newsletter provides access to all newsletters from January 2015.

4/ The banners relate to relevant examples of urban environments.

5/ The opening page three colomns are Books (sorted by date), Papers (sorted by subject) and Lectures & Events (sorted by date).





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