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Presentation and summary of activities

The Foundation for the Urban Environment (FFUE) is a permanent "charitable institution of public interest" authorized by Royal Decree of August 8th 1999 (Belgian Official Journal October 1st 1999).

Its objective is to promote the urban environment through publications and other activities, in particular the interface and synergy between:

  1. Land use and planning, including heritage conservation
  2. Transport and mobility
  3. Environment, global and local (climate and energy policies, clean soil, water and air, etc.).

[Read the complete statutes in PDF] - [Read more about the related Institutions]


Its board includes the President P. Laconte and members C. Lasserre, C. van den Hove, E. Gessler and B. Laconte.


  • 2003 - Le train, la gare et la ville (P. Laconte, Ed.)
  • 2005 - L’aéroport et la ville /De luchthaven en de stad (P. Laconte, Ed.)
  • 2007 - Brussels : Perspectives on a European Capital (P. Laconte & C. Hein, Eds.)
  • 2007 - Bruxelles, la Belgique et l’Europe : un urbanisme cosmopolite (P.Laconte, Ed.)
  • 2009 - La recherche de la qualité environnementale et urbaine : le cas de Louvain-la-Neuve -  Belgique (P. Laconte, Ed.)
  • 2011 - Climate Change, Energy Shortage, Biodiversity Loss – Overview of Global, European and Local Policies and Practices, Club of Rome European Support Center and EU Chapter - Vienna/Brussels (P. Laconte, Ed.).
  • 2013 - (contribution) Bureaux d’hier, logements de demain (C. Lasserre, P. Laconte, A. Boehlke et B. Dooreman)
  • 2014 - Accéder à Bruxelles : travaux en cours, programmés et en projet (P. Laconte, Ed.)
  • 2014 - Bereikbaar Brussel : werken, programma’s en projekten (P. Laconte, Ed.)
  • 2016 - Le transport ferroviaire, élément central de la mobilité (P. Laconte, Ed.) – versions Française et Néerlandaise.
  • 2016 - Sustainable Urban Environments in Europe – Evaluation Criteria and Practices (P. Laconte Ed. & C. Gossop, co-ed.).


Since 1999 the FFUE sponsors a monthly lunch debate around "Ville et Société (City and Society)" at the Brussels Cercle Royal Gaulois artistique et littéraire (somme ~150 in total. MINUTES AVAILABLE).

In 2000, it co-organised the Bologna International Exhibition "The Other Modern – The Traditional City and its Architecture in the 20th Century – Between past, present and future" and the International Conference on the same subject in the context of Bologna 2000 European Cultural Capital. This exhibition travelled to Berlin the same year and to Strasbourg in 2001.

In 2001, it organised in New York, in collaboration with the World Bank, the Conference "Cities on the Move: Towards Sustainable Urban Development" and, in Brussels, the Conference "Pôles de développement ferrés et urbains" (Rail induced urban development).

In 2002, it was a partner in Proyecto Cities, an exploration of best practices in urban planning by Fundacion Metropoli, which culminated in "Cities and Regions Summit: smart land, smart cities". It has produced a "Charter of Environmentally Sustainable Development".

From 2003, it organised yearly conferences and events related to Belgian issues. Its latest conference, in April 2014, covered "Rail transport central element of urban mobility".

From 2015, the Foundation extended its activities towards European and International issues, including participation into EU projects (Milesecure, Sintropher, etc.), extending its present participation.

From 2016, the Foundation’s President has been associated with the St-Louis University Executive Master Immobilier programme.


The initial Foundation’s capital has been a grant by its founder, in line with the requirements for the obtention of permanent "charitable institution of public interest" status, confirmed by the authorization Royal Decree of August 8th 1999 (Belgian Official Journal October 1st 1999).

Neither the President nor the 4 board members get any remuneration. All amounts resulting from contracts with Brussels public authorities for its publications and other activities are added to the initial grant.

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