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Objective and structure

Its objective is to promote the urban environment through conferences and debates, publications and newsletters, occasional briefings and “think tank” activities (as opposed to commercial consultancy).

The Foundation for the Urban Environment Pierre Laconte (FFUE) focuses on the interface and synergy between:

1. Land use and planning, including cultural heritage conservation and improvement.
2. Transport and mobility.
3. Environment, at global and local level (climate/energy/resources/policies).

The FFUE is a permanent “Institution of public interest” authorized by Royal Decree of August 8th, 1999 (Belgian Official Journal October 1st, 1999, updated in 2013).

Its board is composed (09/2017) of the President P. Laconte and members A. Michielsen, C. van den Hove, E. Gessler and B. Laconte. C. Lasserre is honorary member.

Its founding scientific advisors are Nobel Prize Prof. Ilya Prigogine (who passed away in 2003), Prof. H. Bourdeau (ULB) and Prof. A. Berger (UCL).

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