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The Foundation for the Urban Environment is a permanent "institution of public interest" created by Royal Decree in 1999 (updated in 2013). Read our latest summary report report (01/10/2017).


By date

"Sustainable cities. Assessing the Performance and Practice of Urban Environments"

"Le rail, clé de la mobilité à Bruxelles"

"Accéder à Bruxelles"

"Climate Change Energy Shortage Biodiversity Loss. Overview of Global, European and Local Policies and Practices"

La recherche de la qualité environnementale et urbaine. Le cas de Louvain-la-Neuve

Bruxelles, la Belgique et l'Europe

Brussels: Perspectives on a European Capital

L'aéroport, le train et la ville : le cas de Bruxelles est-il unique ? De luchthaven, de trein en de stad: is Brussel enig?

Other publications


"Communicating industrial heritage. Networks and individual cases" - Milano 2016

UN Habitat III Conference - Prague-Quito, 2016

"The founding and development of Louvain-la-Neuve, the only new town in Belgium" - Delft 2016

"DEMO:POLIS - The Right to Public Space", Akademie der Künste (Academy of Arts) - 03-05/2016 Berlin

"Tunnels, oorzaak van files" - 11/02/2016

"Supporting Growth through Regional Connectivity"

Moscow International Transport Council Meeting 28/29 August, 2013

"Greenhouse gaz accounting at city and region level"

ICOMOS "Heritage conservation and urban revitalisation" - Fukuoka-Wuhan-Jingdezhen-Florence-Cesky Krumlov-Ji'nan-Seoul 2015-16

"Sustainable Urban Environments in Europe: Assessing Best Practice"

Lectures & Events

By date

"Rethinking the Urban Environment: The EU Transition towards Smart Cities" - 9/11/2017, Brussels

FU-US/FFUE - "A World of Cities 2017/2" – 5 déjeuners-débats/lunchdebatten

Conférence-débat "Profession urbaniste ?" Lille 11/09/2017

"Fostering the European Dimension of Planning" Lisbon 11-14 July 2017

"New Use New Move - New Move New Use - Land use & Mobility" - 11/05/2017 Bozar-Bruxelles

FU-US/FFUE - "A World of Cities 2017/1" – 3 déjeuners-débats/lunchdebatten

"Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions” – SSPCR - Bolzano 2017

FU-US/FFUE - "A World of Cities 2016" - Récapitulatif de sept débats/Opsomming zeven debatten

ULI - "Louvain-la-Neuve, a new university town built around a Railway Station" - Brussels 01/06/2016

FU-US - Europa Nostra - Voyages culturels / Culturele reizen 2014-17

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