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Welcome to the NEW website of the Foundation for the Urban Environment (FFUE)! The earlier website can still be accessed on archive.ffue.org. The Foundation is a permanent "charitable institution of public interest" created by Royal Decree in 1999. [Read more]


By date

"La mobilité ferroviaire, élément central d'une ville durable : le cas de Bruxelles"

"Accéder à Bruxelles"

"Bureaux du passé, habitants du présent. La conversion d'immeubles de bureaux en logements et en équipements en Région de Bruxelles-Capitale"

"Sustainable Urban Environments in Europe - Evaluation Criteria and Practices"

La recherche de la qualité environnementale et urbaine. Le cas de Louvain-la-Neuve

Bruxelles, la Belgique et l'Europe

Brussels: Perspectives on a European Capital

Publications & Contributions


"European Heritage Congress" - 10-14/06/2015

"European industrial and engineering heritage as an illustration of current challenges in defining heritage and its uses"

ISOCARP 50th Anniversary Congress - 19-23/10/2015

"Trois questions sur le péage routier urbain à Pierre Laconte"

"Supporting Growth through Regional Connectivity"

Framing the EU-China Urbanisation Partnership

"Le CO2, diable ou bon génie ?"

"The city as a complex system: Challenges to sustainable planning"

"Ecological protection in history and successful modern ecological practices as a tool to strengthen international cooperation"

Lectures & Meetings

By date

"Industrial and engineering heritage in Europe" - Fukuoka 29/10/2015

"The European character of Europe's industrial heritage" - Lille 09/09/2015

"Changing Cities: Spatial, Design, Landscape" - Porto Heli 22-26/06/2015

"Old Cities – New Insights" Colloquium Piet Lombaerde Antwerp - 18/06/2015

"La ville de demain : réflexions et projets" - FU 11/05/2015

"Sustainable mobility, essential ingredient for vibrant cities" - Ghent 07/05/2015

"L'Université et la Ville: le cas de Bruxelles" - FU 24/04/2015

"Europa Nostra and the industrial and engineering heritage" - Padua 16/04/2015

"La Ville, modèle culturel européen" - FU 17/03/2015

"Human behaviour & energy saving" - Rome 17/02/2015

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